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Education is the key to both prevention of addiction and recovery from active drug use.  LRF strives to be a source for the public to find information to make educated decisions that saves lives. We ask that you not only review the education provided here but seek additional information from the professionals, see our Resource page for suggestions.

Anatomy of an Overdose explores both the science and the human toll of heroin overdoses. The film's executive producers are St. Anthony's Medical Staff President Joseph Forand, M.D., and Pelopidas, LLC, co-founder Travis H. Brown. Local filmmaker Sean Trani wrote, directed, and edited the documentary. Filmed over the course of a year in association with the Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists, St. Anthony's Charitable Foundation, and Dan Duncan of the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Anatomy of an Overdose takes a harrowing look at heroin from a chemical perspective. The film includes interviews with recovered heroin users, as well as with the Chief Medical Examiner for the City of St. Louis, police officers, and physicians. Anatomy of an Overdose is part of the STL Heroin Project, a multimedia platform that parents and educators can access. Throughout 2014, more short films and advocacy material will be added. The film is a project of First Rule Film & Broadcast, a division of Pelopidas, LLC.

GRAPHIC educational video showing a real opioid overdose. PLEASE watch and learn.

Don't let your next choice become your family's first choice without you.

Addiction is not a matter of will power or choice... it changes the brain. IT CAN BE HEALED! Please seek help!
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